Thursday, September 03, 2009

Episode 346: MIG 3

I tried to write the next scene in the script this afternoon, but I only managed to get through the first quarter of what I have in mind for this long, dialogue-intensive scene. Will try again tomorrow. The next segment should be kind of funny, since it's going to feature some lines adapted from the scene in which Lady Bracknell grills Jack on his financial and family background. Shirley thinks the dialogue so far is very 'English', which is good, but might encounter some resistance from other people working on the musical. I personally think it's okay, since I never imagined the characters to be speaking in anything other than what Kelly once called the 'educated Singaporean' accent. Haha! Had dinner at New York New York with some of the freshers. For the record, I did not tell Keegan that we had to have dinner there. It was just a suggestion, but in typical fashion, he just decided and said it was entirely my idea. So now I've met a couple of the freshers, who seem nice enough. MOE has assigned me to a junior as her senior buddy, but I have no idea who she is. I don't even recall having a senior buddy from MOE when I was a fresher!

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