Monday, September 21, 2009

Episode 364: Still No N97 For Me!

Am on a marathon re-reading session at the moment, trying to finish reading the first three books of Sergei Lukyanenko's Watch quartet in order to refresh my memory before I begin reading Last Watch. I suspect Natalie wants to read the books too, so it's just as well I've already decided to leave them behind in Singapore. It's better than reading Stephanie Meyer or J. K. Rowling, at the very least. Lukyanenko's books would work very well as a TV series, I think. I've seen the two film adaptations based on Night Watch, and while they were suitably gritty, there's plenty of storylines that they didn't cover, and now the Americans are going to make the third film and they're just going to ruin it. Went down to the Nokia store at Causeway Point, but at $989 without contract, the N97 is still too expensive for me to justify a purchase. Especially when it's my dad that's paying. If I fly back in December, perhaps I'll get it then, assuming the price has been slashed further. So since I'm not going to buy a new iPod either, now that Audrey is giving me hers because she's got an iTouch now, I guess I'm definitely buying that new Ted Baker reefer jacket. Haha...

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