Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Episode 373: (Sort Of) Clean Room At Last!

I caved and started vacuuming my room today using the rather gross vacuum cleaner in my house, following that up by wiping the floor with a wet towel, which was good enough for me, since my standards of what constitutes clean are lower than my mum's, although I now admit that the frequency with which she cleans the house is by no means obsessive. In the middle of all this cleaning, an alarm suddenly intruded. Seems like something's wrong with our electrical circuitry, so the electrician's coming down tomorrow to have a look. Anyway, the point is that my room now looks presentable, with the addition of a duvet, two pillows, a bookcase, a dust bin, a rug and a laundry bag, all courtesy of Ikea. I'm quite sure I could have saved money by shopping elsewhere, e.g. Tesco, but I'm one of those people who wouldn't mind inhabiting an Ikea showroom, so I actually think the expense was worth it. Sort of. I'm annoyed that the bookcase tilts, and to fix it properly would require more effort than I'm willing to expend. A piece of cardboard, strategically inserted into a tiny gap between the wall and my cupboard, will have to do instead. I'm just glad that I changed my mind and decided to put in a bit of work to unpack all my stuff. Feel a lot better than I did yesterday, to be honest. Now if only we had an Internet connection...

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