Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 358: MIG 4

Just came back from MIG 4, which was at some HomeTeamNS place that Keegan found. Karaoke is always entertaining, although the shark's fin soup they served was really rubbish. Thin, lacklustre stuff. I had fun though, although Keegan, next time, don't be so ridiculous about dinner. Having seen the season premiere of Gossip Girl, I believe it's actually about the same quality as last week's premieres on The CW. However, the reason it's not a disappointment is because unlike Melrose Place and The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl has the weight of two seasons' history to prop it up, which means however pointless the action in the episode appears when viewed in isolation, it's still the (somewhat) logical progression of things that have taken place before. The fact that the show always starts after a summer of unseen action helps, although some things just didn't sit right. Including Nate and Vanessa's respective new hairstyles. I really, really want Dan and Serena's creepy half-brother to be added on as a regular cast member, although I doubt it's going to happen. It's just that their blended family is already so bizarre, the writers might as well throw him into the mix, right?

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