Saturday, September 26, 2009

Episode 369: The Beautiful Letdown

Whoa! The Beautiful Life got canned after just two episodes, leaving four unaired. Guess even having Ashton Kutcher's name attached to this series wasn't enough to save it from itself! What a pity though. It didn't exactly have the best acting, but the cast was still rather easy on the eye. Maybe they should have capitalised on that more? I mean, for a show set in the modelling industry, it never really felt particularly glamorous, especially set aside shows on the same network like Gossip Girl and Melrose Place. Oh well. One less show to follow during this TV season! New seasons of Dollhouse and Ghost Whisperer have premiered, and I've just finished both episodes. I'm just glad that the latter seems to have avoided jumping the shark, despite moving the action forward by five years. I'm quite curious about what direction the writers are going to take, now that Melinda's son appears to be coming into his powers. Dollhouse is getting more complicated, which is good, but also means that the show is probably screwed after this season, since it's on Fox. Joss Whedon should've known better, after Firefly got cancelled. We'll see...

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