Friday, September 18, 2009

Episode 361: BT Just Made SingTel Look Efficient

Watched the season premiere of Fringe and the second episode of The Vampire Diaries before I left the house for Alpha. The former was brilliant stuff, definitely taking the series to another level. The latter, frustratingly, still needs to pick up its pace, assuming it wants to hold its own against the other CW shows. I'm slowly warming to Ian Somerhalder's character, if only because Paul Wesley's character is so blandly tortured in comparison. I finished reading Dearly Devoted Dexter last night, so I'm starting on the last novel in the series that I own, Dexter In The Dark. Dexter Morgan, possibly the only loveable serial killer in literary history. Alpha today ended really late, partly because we started really late in the first place. I just arrived home to a missed call from the UK, which was almost certainly BT calling to inform me that I need to pay an obscene amount of money to get a landline up and running, and that it will also take them three whole weeks to get an engineer over to do it. Foresee myself living out of the Learning Grid, just to get Internet access. I think I'm going to have to rethink the whole idea of not wanting to move back to campus accommodation in my final year. The convenience is so attractive all of a sudden, higher costs be damned.

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