Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Episode 372: Stuck In The Between

I'm already back in Coventry as I type this, but since my room is still dusty from the renovation work and my expensive (but very good) vacuum cleaner was stolen, I can't clean the place up, and will therefore resign myself to living out of boxes and a suitcase for a few weeks. I didn't even pay for that vacuum cleaner because my mum bought it for me while I was in Singapore, but that somehow makes it all the more worse. I think deep down, I'm a filial son, but I just don't know how to show it in tangible ways. I also feel like I'm worrying too much about all the loose ends regarding our housing, when nobody else seems overly worried at this point. Maybe I just like things to be tied up, so it always bothers me when they go haywire unexpectedly, regardless of how serious things are. To be honest, none of the things I'm concerned about can't be resolved with a few telephone calls and a firm attitude. Unfortunately, I hate calling people up and I'm also very averse to confrontation of any sort. I'm more likely to travel down to campus, just to get online and download a couple of episodes of various TV shows. If only all this could be resolved via e-mail, I'd gladly do it that way. Matthew 6:34 seems like a good verse to remember at this point. I will trust that everything will work out. Eventually.

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