Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Episode 365: Proud Holder Of A Biometric Passport

Collected my biometric passport today, so the first step towards New York has been made. Had to seal my old passport to it because of the UK visa, and the method they use at ICA is still surprisingly primitive, although admittedly, it's probably very effective at preventing people from separating the passports once they've been joined, since if the seal's integrity is compromised, if I'm not wrong both passports will be invalidated. Then I went to Eminent Plaza to join the freshers for their food trail. Just got back from our last stop, eating crabs at Jumbo. Am now watching the season premiere of House, which is something really different from what an episode of House normally involves, but the change of pace is interesting. Anyway, I almost registered for the Open Studies Certificates that I'm interested in tonight, but I'm having second thoughts. I'm still keen to do the one in Archaeology, but I'm not so sure if I still want to do the one in Philosophical Studies. It's less a question of time management than one of whether I can be bothered to see it through over a year. As I put it to Shirley, I have the intellectual capacity for it, undoubtedly, but not the discipline to make use of it.

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