Friday, September 04, 2009

Episode 347: A Lyricist I Am Not

Managed to get two more scenes done in the afternoon before heading to my grandmother's place for dinner. Would continue writing now that I'm back, but I'm too tired to think about the remaining three scenes. (Stayed up till 4 am this morning completing a unit of Spanish!) I sent Bella an SMS to tell her that I'll finish them by tomorrow afternoon, before going for dinner with my cell. I've realised that I'm hopeless at writing song lyrics, so I've just slapped down eight short lines for now to fill that little bit I was supposed to write in Scene 8. I'll finish up the rest of the script tomorrow, and if I have any ideas, I'll change the lyrics. Otherwise, Sarah's just going to have to improve on what I came up with, which at the moment is several lines of naff rhyming. Well, there goes one potential career down the drain. Have had a listen to Balligomingo's new album, Under An Endless Sky, and I think it's an improvement from its predecessor, Beneath The Surface. Still can't shake the feeling that the songs don't have as much depth as stuff coming from Delerium and Sleepthief though.

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