Saturday, September 05, 2009

Episode 348: The Mind Café & Moonstone

So our cell finally met up outside of Alpha sessions, after about a month. Went to the Prinsep Street outlet of The Mind Café, which actually feels quite cramped. The food tasted like it was frozen stuff reheated in a microwave, although to be fair, the apple crumble I had for dessert was decent. I think the most interesting new game I learnt this evening was actually Jungle Speed. I do wonder who comes up with all these game ideas though. There are so many board games, but very few seem to achieve iconic status in our culture, e.g. Monopoly or Risk. Perhaps if board games cost less? Or we didn't spend so much time on the Internet? Who knows? We squeezed into Hui Juan's car after that for the drive up Mount Faber to Moonstone at The Jewel Box to meet Tim and Huimin for drinks. The view up there's nice, but I still think the Singapore skyline at night is kind of boring, at least compared to say, Hong Kong. I suppose it'll be better once the integrated resorts are all up and running. Ended up veering into a theological discussion in the Lokes' car on the way home, which I repeated with my dad and mum when I got back, with mixed results. Will clarify things with my godfather tomorrow at dinner.

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