Friday, September 25, 2009

Episode 368: Packing Woes

I finally got around to doing some serious packing this afternoon. So my suitcase is full and just under the weight limit, a measly 23 kg. To be fair, if I only packed what I truly needed to take back with me, I could probably get by with a mere 10 kg, which speaks volumes about how much stuff I have and how well I've divided it between two countries. A lot of the weight is coming from books that I'm bringing over. For leisure reading, since I don't exactly have a lot of books for the modules I'm doing in 09/10. I've had to slash the number I'm bringing back by half, although it's a sensible move, since I was thinking of bringing stuff like novels by Thomas Hardy and Orhan Pamuk, all of which the Library has anyway, so there's no point in lugging my own copies over. I'm pleased that the Library actually has copies of Hardy's less famous novels, since I've always had this plan to read them all in chronological order and get progressively more depressed. Out of everything Mr Purvis ever said in class, I think this is one of the things that's definitely stuck with me.

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