Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Episode 352: Eleventh Hour

I've finished watching the first (and only) season of Eleventh Hour, which is a good way to satisfy my craving for slightly more bizarre scientific mysteries until the new season of Fringe premieres. I particularly like its title card sequence, with the clock ticking towards the titular eleventh hour. The science is less outré than in Fringe, but still sufficiently compelling that I've watched six episodes back-to-back each day for the past three days. The lack of a background story that connects all the episodes together (except for two episodes dealing with cloning) does kind of limit the complexity of the overall plot, but I suppose if the show had been renewed, the producers might have moved in a different direction. Anyway, today's issue of Digital Life clued me in on the National Library Board's electronic catalogue, so I decided to check it out. Downloaded an audiobook and an e-book for starters. The audiobook was, believe it or not, the first book in Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl series. Disappointing stuff. The show's full of trashy goodness, but its written forebear leaves a lot to be desired. There is lightweight fiction, and then there is writing that is just plain painful to read, let alone hear! The e-book was about philosophy, which I'm using to gauge whether I can sustain an interest in the subject over the course of a year, as I have to register for the Certificate in Philosophical Studies within the next week or so, if that's something extra that I want to be doing in 09/10.

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