Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Episode 351: Is It Procrastination If It Isn't Crucial?

Am just beginning to discover just how many episodes of a TV show I can actually get through in one day. If only I spent as much time on the online language courses, I would definitely have no problem finishing them by next week. At my present rate of progress, I will finish the Spanish, but will not have time to start on the Italian. Granted, the courses use identical pictures, so I just need to hear how Italian is pronounced and I can figure things out from there by myself. It's nice to have the visual progress of the online course though, so I shall endeavour to make more rapid progress in the remaining nine days! I think I rely too much on Wiktionary to translate words for me, which kind of defeats the purpose of the course, i.e. learn from context and immersion. Still, whatever works, I guess. I've been amassing a good number of movies these past couple of days, including stuff that I would have already seen at a cinema if I had more of a social life in previous years (and if watching movies in Singapore didn't cost so much). One thing I haven't procrastinated about is getting worship for this Sunday's service sorted out. Have sent a reminder to Chon Tze about getting the band and I've picked all the songs out. It's only Tuesday! Usually, I'm still trying to get my act together around Thursday, so this is a good head start.

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