Thursday, September 24, 2009

Episode 367: Decisions, Decisions

Rewatched both of the Timur Bekmambetov films based on Sergei Lukyanenko's novels, just for fun. I kind of feel like the Dark Ones get a more balanced portrayal in the novels, whereas in the films, the good-versus-evil dichotomy is a lot more pronounced. Am reading Twilight Watch now, so I should be able to finish Last Watch before I head back to the UK. Have also found cheap flights back in December, but I haven't booked them because I haven't made up my mind to come back for two weeks then, and I'm also hoping that somehow my mum'll manage to redeem tickets from SIA. Am now trying to decide between attending my last Alpha session tomorrow and going to see Caleb and Chun Long busk. I know which I should do, but I'm still trying to decide which I want to do more. Such a minor decision, and yet I can't make up my mind. I did make up my mind today about which Threadless tees I'm bringing back to the UK. Also took pictures of myself wearing all of them, uploaded them to my Threadless profile, and earned enough points to cover shipping for about half a dozen tees! Now to wait for the next $5 sale...

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