Sunday, September 13, 2009

Episode 356: Worship & Barbecue!

So this afternoon, I led main service worship for the first time in a very long while (and what will be the last time for an equally long while), and after service, Uncle David said that my choice of songs was good, so I guess it went okay. I wonder what everyone thought of Chris Tomlin's 'How Can I Keep From Singing' during the prelude? I love the bridge of that song, although even when sung in G major, a few keys down from the album recording, it's verging on being out of my vocal reach. (I like a challenge!) Was roasting throughout practice though, as the air-conditioner nearest to me wasn't switched on. Took a taxi down to the Warwick barbecue at East Coast Park, which cost less than I expected. I didn't actually eat a lot, but had some good conversations with people I haven't seen since the end of last term, which was good. It's so odd to realise that we're the Year 2s now, although I was slightly amused to learn that one of the freshers is older than I am, thanks to Tiffanie's ruthless interrogation as the freshers paraded in front of our ad-hoc 'panel'. Stayed later than I'd intended to, but thankfully, I was able to share a taxi back with Bella, Sarah and Shen Ting, even if it did kind of mean I travelled in a circle to get home.

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