Monday, September 28, 2009

Episode 371: Last Day Of Internet At Home For A Fortnight!

Yeah, you read that right. I'm going to be stuck without Internet access at home for a fortnight until the BT guy comes, and possibly a day or two more while O2 hooks us up. There's always wireless access on campus, but it's such a drag to have to go down even when I don't have classes, just so that I can check my e-mail. On the flip side, I guess at least now I have a fighting chance of staying on top of my reading for a couple of weeks. I really have no excuse this year, since the reading I actually have to do amounts to a fraction of last year's. (That's what you get for not doing modules that involve reading novels!) I'm really hoping to get a two-day school week, and I'm just waiting to find out when's my seminar for EN227 Romantic and Victorian Poetry. Anyway, I decided to pre-order Phil Wickham's latest CD as a gift to myself before I fly off. It comes with an acoustic version of the album, so I thought the two albums together would cover the two-hour coach ride from Heathrow to Coventry quite nicely. Am resisting the temptation to start listening to it now before I leave the house tonight!

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