Thursday, October 01, 2009

Episode 374: Murphy's Law 5, Ian 0

I kid you not. To begin with, I finally got around to registering for my Open Studies Certificate in Archaeology. All was well, until I checked my bank account, and thereupon realised that I'd forgotten to indicate that I was a student, and hence entitled to pay the discounted rate. A call to the Centre for Lifelong Learning sorted things out, and now I just need to make sure that the refund goes through. I would like to say that I trust it will go through fine, but frankly, I have my doubts. Next up, my eating at Warwick card. I collected that yesterday and figured that I would top it up online. Lo and behold, there's something wrong with the website's code and I can't top up. Then I tried to claim my mileage for Monday's flight on Qantas, only to realise that because of the way my name was spelt on my booking, there's a possibility that the system will reject my claim because it doesn't match what they have for my Qantas frequent flyer account. We shall see whether anything crops up in the next couple of days. Tried finding out whether I actually need to make a new library card for Open Studies, since I'm already a student at Warwick and it seems like a bizarre thing to have to make a separate card. No such luck, as the e-mail bounced. Finally, to top it all off, I bought my student travel card, uploading my photograph as instructed, only to be met by a paragraph informing me to send in a photograph before my Photocard can be produced. Sent off an e-mail to politely ask why the heck do I have to, since I already uploaded one during the transaction. All in all, it's been a lousy day, and sometimes I wonder if technology's all that it's cranked up to be.

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