Saturday, October 17, 2009

Episode 390: I Did Nothing Productive Today (But It Felt So Good!)

Was originally going to go for the Globe Café tea party in Coventry with Keegan, but John finally texted about hanging out, so I went over to Elizabeth's place. (I was the earliest, ironically!) We played a board game and then went over to John's place for pancakes. The two of them live so near to campus, it's ridiculous! That's it, I might have to move to Canley next year, just for the convenience of being near campus and not having to squeeze on the bus in the mornings (and at other times of the day too). Went into campus because Keegan said that I should instead of coming over to his for dinner so early, but it turns out that my library book can be collected as late as Monday, so I've still got time to finish reading any of the books of poetry so that I can make a one-for-one swap. So now I'm in the Library, grabbing the shows that aired yesterday in the USA. Will probably end up showing up at Keegan's ridiculously late now, but oh well, he did say go to campus and he knows how much time I spend once I'm in the Library. Can't wait till Thursday, when our Internet should finally be connected. I say should, but I expect something will go haywire anyway and the system will screw us over. Now that's a cheerful thought to take into next week. Sod it. Life's too short to be upset about rubbish like that when there are parties to attend!

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