Friday, October 02, 2009

Episode 375: Four Day Weekends...

Timetable's out, so that's effectively what I've got. Anyway, the refund has not gone through for my Open Studies fees. If nothing shows up in my bank account by Tuesday, I'll have a word with someone at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. I've also managed to top up my eating at Warwick card, so I guess yesterday just really wasn't my day at all. No word from Qantas yet, but they've still got two more working days to get their act together. Can't be bothered to try finding out whether or not I should have an additional library card for my Open Studies course, as I think I've already tried my best, so I've just sent in a photograph, like I was instructed to. Having an extra card will be useful, obviously! Travel card has also sorted, at least according to the person who e-mailed me, but the website still shows that my order hasn't been moved to production. Again, if nothing happens by Tuesday, I'll e-mail. So after a lousy Thursday, it seems that Friday has decided to be kind to me. Am in the Library now after a barbecue at John Auld's and arranging chairs in church, re-reading R. D. Laing's Knots. His work is less intriguing as poetry than as psychological portraiture, if that makes any sense.

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