Sunday, October 04, 2009

Episode 377: TV First, Poetry Later

After lunch at Varsity with church people, am in the Library once more, using the Internet. My house is going with Virgin cable broadband after all, so we're going into Coventry on Monday to try and get it settled once and for all. As much as it'll be convenient to travel to campus once the term-time bus schedule resumes, it's kind of silly to keep bringing my laptop back and forth. For now though, I'm in the Library, downloading and watching episodes of my favourite TV shows. Once I'm done though, I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon (and possibly evening) reading poetry. The other day, I finished R. D. Laing's Knots and Do You Love Me?, both of which were kind of twisted, psychologically speaking. Today, I'm going to start with Caroline Bergvall's Fig, a collection of 16 poems that work, to quote a blurb on the back, 'at the borders of poetry, installation, performance, and translation'. After that, I'll read R. F. Langley's Collected Poems from Carcanet. This is how I discover poets for myself, by wandering among the shelves and picking out books, sometimes completely at random.

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