Saturday, October 03, 2009

Episode 376: New Jacket!

Am in the Reinvention Centre now for the musical's recce. Just got back from Birmingham, where I bought my Ted Baker reefer jacket and forgot to take my debit card back. Only realised when we were about to head back to Coventry, but thankfully, my debit card had been kept by the staff. My refund's also come in for the Open Studies Certificate, as well as my travel card, so Saturday's been an even better day than Friday. Only thing that remains is to get our bills and Internet sorted. Jerrick's recommending Virgin's cable broadband, which sounds very tempting, since I really see no point in paying BT money to set up something that we're not likely to use that much. That and they're taking a ridiculously long time to send their engineer, so I don't feel guilty about cancelling my order. Also need to find a time for all of us to go down to NatWest to set up a joint account for all five of us, so that we can start paying our bills! Anyway, I saw Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) last night with Dan, Daniel and Maria, and I have this sudden desire to see all of Pedro Almodóvar's work. I was trying to understand the Spanish as I went along, with little success, although I could recognise some verbs occasionally. Haven't found time to work on my Spanish at all for a couple of weeks now...

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