Thursday, October 29, 2009

Episode 402: Return Of The Varsity Crew

Was very productive today, relatively speaking. I wrote another pantoum during David Morley's seminar in the morning. Just on the spot, writing 10 lines down, shuffling them into position and editing. The result was surprisingly okay for the amount of time it took. Then I had a couple of hours to kill between my last class and the publicity team meeting, so spent some of that chilling in the Arts Centre with friends and then did some work when most of them left for their seminars. I wrote four flash fictions based on templates from Georges Polti's The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations while Alex read some Coleridge. Didn't take much time because I was typing into my handphone. Typed them out to be printed, which ended up with me rewriting portions of them, the results being good enough for an exercise, I suppose. Still had about an hour or so after my meeting before it was time for Varsity, so I went back to the Library to do some more work. This time, I wrote my film review of Coraline for the Student Cinema, before being ambushed by Laura and heading off to the pub. It was almost like old times, except the place was full of freshers. Haha!

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