Friday, October 09, 2009

Episode 382: Racism Rears Its Ugly Head

Am auditing EN273 Reeling and Writhing, so that's more reading material that needs to be covered, as well as more writing that needs to be produced. I've decided that I need to set aside at least two days of the week for reading and writing, one each. It's the only way I'll ever be disciplined enough to get anything done. Was in the Library until just before Jia Yi's birthday celebration, trying to decide if I was going to skip it and go home before her birthday dinner so that I could leave my laptop at home, but I'm glad I turned up because the cake was gorgeous. Sinfully rich cream, balanced by the bits of fruit. Dinner after that at Le Bistrot Pierre was great as well, although the racist twats who got on the bus weren't. They didn't do anything to us, but they were smoking and heckling a Chinese guy who got off somewhere after Kenilworth. It must say something about Western society that this sort of thing wouldn't happen in Singapore, or any Asian country that I can think of. I mean, subtle discrimination like poorer service, perhaps, but not outright taunting. It's people like them who give their countries a bad name...

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