Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Episode 401: Budget Shopping (By My Standards)

Went shopping today at Topman with Dan. It was quite random, to me anyway, when he sent me an SMS in the morning, as I hadn't figured him for a Topman guy. Then again, neither am I. It's just that I suddenly felt the need to add a few tees to my wardrobe that didn't come off the Threadless website. So I bought four of those V-neck tees that have ribbing around the holes for your neck and arms that's a different colour from the tee, which just screams Topman to me. At two for £10, I didn't feel too guilty. There were also tees that had different colours for neck and arms, and even different colour for neck and each arm. Those were too bizarre for my taste. Also bought a hoodie because it was green and white, and on sale at a price that's considered a steal for Topman. I caved and bought a new bag from there as well, since I've been looking for something made from a material that won't cause my tees to pill. In any case, I've been feeling the need to splurge a bit, though I've kept to my promise of not buying any books until I've read more of the ones that I already own. I did want to go to Costcutter after the AGM to get a few tubs of Ben & Jerry's, but I guess I'll have to hold out till Friday and hope that they're still on offer then. In case you thought I spent my entire day being frivolous, I also wrote two poems, a pantoum and a ghazal, which leaves me with only three or four 100-word flash fictions to write before I've completed this week's work. My plan to work (fairly) consistently seems to be working out so far, pun not intended.

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