Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Episode 379: Then Again, Maybe Not

Still not sure if the wall plate we've got is actually for Virgin's connection, but it's definitely for a coaxial cable, so hoping for the best nevertheless. Whatever the case, coming onto campus for the Internet seems to be working well for me, as long as the Library doesn't get more crowded. My first seminar this week is on Thursday, so I'm still whiling away my time, watching shows and sporadically reading. I've begun cooking too. Sort of. Baked some sliced potatoes and cheese for dinner last night, and then lunch again today. Will have to take a look soon at what else Iceland and Tesco have to offer in the way of frozen goods. Before I left the house, I also finally finished reading Faith Hunter's Rogue Mage trilogy. Bloodring, Seraphs, and Host take the Bible's apocalyptic tropes and twist them in a way that makes for good action TV. I say TV because in terms of writing, Hunter's work has a tendency to be uneven. Although she has one strong central protagonist, the supporting cast only appears as and when it's convenient for them to move the plot along, leaving them otherwise undeveloped. If she decided to continue writing more books in Thorn St. Croix's universe though (since the final book still leaves so many questions unanswered, whether intentionally or because of bad planning), the series could become the next fantasy sensation with some proper marketing. Not great literature, but the kind of stuff you read for entertainment value.

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