Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode 393: Curry Night At The Old Clarence

Finally got my OMR form signed by Michael Gardiner, and I'm not surprised that he doesn't have any idea who I am. (He thought I was a fresher!) LL209 was okay, and I've found two people in my class who have better French accents than me. Humbling, but true. Still think the level of work is lower than what I need to be challenged, but hey, that means I'll have an easy time of it this year. Again. Then I went over to the Warwick Business School to do an interview with a postgraduate student, something about online shopping experiences. I got paid £5, just to talk. How awesome was that? Bummed in the Library until dinner at The Old Clarence, where a tipsy man kept talking to us and was just generally a bit weird. I spent most of the time after dinner writing a poem, which turned out to be a ballad. I didn't mean for it to be one though, or at least I didn't consciously know that's what the form I was writing in was called. It just felt right though, when I was writing it. Now that's an interesting thought. Can't be bothered to right a new poem that dances, but I'll get around to the Philemon and Baucis one tomorrow.

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