Monday, October 19, 2009

Episode 392: Elusive Poems

As I didn't come to campus to check my e-mail yesterday, I didn't know that auditions have been shifted to Friday. Won't be able to attend them in that case! Already have a prior engagement. Ended up whiling away a couple of hours in the Library until it was time for Claire Lim/Jason/Sarah/Wayne's housewarming party. I arrived about an hour after it started, to see a crazy number of people squeezed into the living room. Pretty impressive! I b(r)ought a bottle of cider, a fair amount of which was consumed by Keegan over the course of the evening. To little perceivable detrimental effect, I might add. Someone's turning into a hardened alcoholic, yes? I can't believe Keegan has been having a more happening social life than me. What have I become? Haven't written anything this week, although I did finish the translation last night after watching Crank: High Voltage, and I have an idea in my head already for one on Philemon and Baucis. Still trying to write a poem that sings. I wasn't very good at writing the one that was supposed to dance either, I'm afraid. Maybe I'll write about a dancer and a singer, and the poems will mysteriously dance and sing respectively, form subconsciously mirroring content? Emphasis on subconsciously because if I try to make it happen, it just never does...

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