Saturday, October 31, 2009

Episode 404: Lazy, Anti-social Weekend

Was assiduously doing my French homework last night, when Keegan unceremoniously dragged me off to Coventry for dinner. (Yes, Keegan, it is still your even if Samantha made you do it. You could have said no. Man up next time.) We had Nando's, which was rather underwhelming for me taste-wise, though it was the first time I've had it. Maybe I just thought it would be spicier? Was absolutely shattered by the time we got back, so I only rolled out of bed past noon today. Not proud of it, but if you told me to crawl right back into bed now, I would actually agree and sleep till it was time to wake up for church tomorrow. I'm not a Halloween person really, or else I would be clubbing at Kasbah with the Singaporeans. To be honest, I don't feel like doing anything much this weekend other than reading, writing and watching TV. Might not even go out for lunch tomorrow after service! Am running low on groceries anyway, so it might be time to make a trip to Tesco. It's either that or do it on Monday just before the meeting for the musical ensemble members, assuming that's still happening. Must remember to check with Tiffanie...

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