Sunday, October 11, 2009

Episode 384: Under The Weather...

Woke up with a sore throat this morning and briefly entertained thoughts of skipping church. Didn't though. We sang a Phil Wickham song today, 'Because Of Your Love', which I thought was pretty cool. Have I mentioned that I really like his latest album, Heaven And Earth? Anyway, there was a free lunch for students this week, which Shen Ting said it was a pity Keegan wasn't around for. (I think it's happening again next week, Keegan, just thought you might want to know.) Spent a couple of hours in the Library after that, trying to read that Zadie Smith essay George handed out in EN232 Composition & Creative Writing last week. It's actually pretty interesting, and has made me want to read one of the novels it reviews, Tom McCarthy's Remainder, which sounds like a novel that would do your mind in in the vein of House Of Leaves, which earns it an automatic tick in my books. Only managed to finish reading the essay after another dinner that came out of the oven. Yes, I've progressed from microwaving frozen Iceland products to baking them. Next step, cooking raw meat!

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