Thursday, October 15, 2009

Episode 388: Killed Off Someone Today

Today in EN238 The Practice of Poetry, David Morley was talking about dancing, and about how the best poetry possesses duende, one of those problematic words that doesn't translate so well into English, so I'm not even going to try here. I recognised the word from the title of a Delerium track off the album Karma, though it's not particularly one of my favourite tracks. I found it difficult to write a poem that danced though, but I guess that was just me trying too hard again. I did manage to finish my piece for EN232 tomorrow though. Wrote half of it on my handphone and finished the rest when I managed to get hold of a networked PC in the Library. I quite like it, although I killed off my character in the end. It just felt like the right place to go for this piece. I might volunteer to read it out tomorrow, I guess. Arrived at Lincoln's house on time, but he wasn't back yet, so we chatted with his housemates and waited. Waited. Waited. It was quite funny when everyone did show up though, as we all ended up outside in the cold, huddling in groups and eating out of small bowls and dishes like we were refugees. (No disrespect intended to refugees.)

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