Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Episode 380: Home Early(-ish) For A Change

Spent the afternoon in the Library again, but I left earlier than usual today because I just wasn't getting any reading done, not with the Internet just a click away. I did find time before that to meet Laura and Sophie over a leisurely lunch, which was great for catching up and hearing Laura's plans for world peace. Also bumped into Maria on the bus, and then Annie and Elizabeth outside the Library. Anyway, I meant to get started on reading for classes, but I've kind of given up for now, and am reading Sudden Fiction: American Short-Short Stories, which I should have finished reading last year, but never started. Have begun looking at the textbook for my Archaeology module on Saturday, and it's interesting enough that I don't regret my decision to pursue the Open Studies Certificate. Now if only they'd send me my second library card! I also received a couple of interesting e-mails today, presenting possibilities for earning money. Replied to one, but that's only getting me £5 for a 45-minute interview. There's a position I could apply for that nets me £600, but as it involves teaching, I'm thinking I should save it for next year and convince MOE to let me do it as an overseas attachment!

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