Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Episode 386: Enfin, J'écris!

Spent the past couple of hours thinking about the poems I'm meant to have written this week, and even managed to crank out a few. I pared down my random poem to the dust on my bedroom floor to a limerick, and then went in a completely different direction and recast it as a haiku. All three versions are online, since the limerick and the haiku emphasise slightly different aspects of the original. I'm moving on to the poem for EN273, which is definitely being written from Patroclus's perspective, although I don't think I'll mention either Achilles or Patroclus by name, even though their relationship is what I'm concerning myself with in the poem. I've already written about eight lines while musical auditions were going on, so I should be able to finish it when I'm on campus tomorrow. LL209 this afternoon was a bit of a challenge, as Claudie speaks in French most of the time, so I actually have to pay attention if I want to know what's going on. I'm glad to report that my accent is still reasonably good, and that I also understood almost everything that she said. There's a couple of people from LL208 last year in my class, so that was a pleasant surprise as well.

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