Thursday, October 08, 2009

Episode 381: Curse You, Renovators!

It seems like we're not going to get Internet in the immediate future. The connection point on the interior of the house appears to have been ripped out during the course of the renovation work this year. According to the Virgin store in Coventry, that means an engineer has to come up to fix one up for us, possibly in November. This state of affairs is quite laughable, whilst also being immensely frustrating. Will have to sort it out somehow, either tomorrow or on Monday. I mean, I don't mind commuting to campus for wireless Internet in the Library since I've got a travel card now, but it is rather more convenient to have it at home. Anyway, had my first day of proper lessons. Didn't stick around for the Internet because Samantha told me to hurry back to wait for the UPS delivery. Then she sent me an SMS when I was already on the bus, telling me not to bother because they weren't coming today. That was a bit annoying, although in the end, it turned out that they did come, so I suppose it was just as well. Went for cluster meeting in the evening, but when I came back, everyone assumed that I had gone drinking. What is the world coming to these days?

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