Saturday, October 10, 2009

Episode 383: Trekking Around Campus

Had the first lesson for my Open Studies Certificate in Archaeology, and I didn't expect to be walking around campus during the first lesson, so I wore my Aldo shoes and now they ended up kind of battered and in need of repairing with glue. Scrubbed them (sort of) clean and left them to dry before I went to the Freshers' Potluck, so now that I'm back and they're kind of dryer, I've done it. I don't see why Samantha thought it was worth commenting that I was very intent on the task, since trying to patch slivers of rubber is hardly the kind of task one can undertake distractedly. Was horribly sleepy for most of the potluck, on account of having walked a longer distance around the outskirts of the campus than I usually do in an entire week. It's interesting though, seeing how archaeological sites are interspersed among the campus architecture. Everyone on the course is a lot older than me, and I figure the average age is at least twice mine. They seem like nice people though, very passionate about local archaeology. Chatted a bit with Keith, the guy who gave me a lift to the Arts Centre at lunchtime, and to another guy whose name escapes me, but who asked me if I went to an international school, on account of my accent. That amused me, but perhaps deserves a separate post on some other day because I'm too tired now!

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