Saturday, October 24, 2009

Episode 397: My Head Feels Like Cotton Wool

Oh dear. I'd forgotten how annoying it is once the nose gets involved. Spent most of the lesson today on the verge of feeling sorry for myself, except for the last couple of minutes when I got an idea for my villanelle and tried to work it out, except that didn't get very far. A hearty dinner involving all the five major food groups helped to stave off misery for a little while, but now I'm sitting in front of my laptop, officially feeling sorry for myself. Dinner was very heavy because I'd hardly eaten anything all day, which is crazy, but it's just one of those bad habits that I've picked up from living without parental supervision. (Well, to be fair, even when I'm in Singapore, I'm prone to skipping breakfast if my mum's not at home to make sure I eat something.) I suppose all I really need is a good night's sleep, I think, and I won't be so cranky tomorrow. I was going to do some work tonight, but my head's going fuzzy and I think it would be quite pointless. The villanelle had reached a dead end anyway, and I'm considering abandoning the current one and starting over with something new. The impasse is mostly because I think I'm not going far enough with bending the rules of a villanelle, although I've already sort of tried. I am no Elizabeth Bishop, unfortunately.

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Laura said...

aaaaah I remember your mum's awesome muffins for breakfast. They were excellent.