Monday, October 05, 2009

Episode 378: It's All Coming Together Now...

Had a lot of stuff to do today, but I've managed to clear all of them, so I'm back to sitting in the Library, consuming wireless like there's no tomorrow. Our bank account for bills has been set up, so once we each pay in some money, we can start using it for direct debits to pay everything and that'll be a load of everyone's minds. Also went down to the Virgin store in Coventry, and Jerrick was right about the service. BT, I'm sorry, but you just suck. So I've cancelled my order. Our landlord thinks that the thing in our kitchen is the Virgin cable point, so if he's right, we'll have cable broadband by the end of this week. Otherwise, it's going to be November before an engineer from Virgin can come around to fix one up. Fingers crossed on this! Then I came onto campus to register for my French module at the Language Centre. It was insane! The only language with a queue was French, so I waited over an hour but was done in a mere five minutes. Louise tells me that I had one of the best grades for the module last year, which was gratifying news. Here's to a repeat this year!

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