Monday, May 02, 2011

Episode 952: Back To Writing...

Have begun reworking my stories for the portfolio, as it suddenly dawned on me last night that since I'm going to London to vote and spending the weekend there, that's a minimum of two days where I can't do any work. Sure, I could probably sit in some café (probably Costa or Starbucks, let's be honest here) semi-pretentiously pondering my stories, and then type everything out manically on Sunday night after getting back from church. I'd rather not though. I'm prepared to believe I'm good, but not so deluded as to think I'm that good. (Would need two nights at least, not one.) Thought I might as well start today, since tomorrow's Tuesda and that means lots of TV rather than work. (So far, all I've managed is to add a new paragraph at the start.) Maybe Nick's right, and I should set up a TV blog, in which I snarkily pass judgement on the good and bad stuff that viewers are being fed. I could watch all my guilty pleasures from The CW completely unironically for a change! It would mean having to systematically analyse TV though, which is one of the few sources of entertainment I have left that I haven't taken to self-consciously analysing. Speaking of TV anyway, that new ITV drama, Vera, seems pretty decent. It'd fail abysmally in America, of course, even if the accents had been more stereotypically English.

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