Saturday, May 14, 2011

Episode 964: Saboteur Awards 7.5, Revision 0

So one of my more horrifying discoveries in recent memory is how much I actually like the cover of Rebecca Black's 'Friday', as sung by the cast members of Glee. Now I don't watch this show, although it is on my external HDD, and it comes recommended from sources like Eugene Chan and Lucy, who like many of the same trashy shows that I do, so they're probably right. Heard about the cover version because the Internet is fantastic that way, and oh dear, it is pretty nice. Production-wise, the song's been sped up and the beat is now dancefloor-friendly in a way that the original bizarrely wasn't for a song about partying. The vocals are still dripping with Auto-Tune, but at least they aren't nasal anymore. Didn't get any revision done before heading to Lizzie's birthday party, where I had the interesting experience of finally being abused by neighbours for causing too much noise, although the woman was shouting at us was being rather bitchy, and silly as well, since she left her window open when shutting it would have significantly reduced the amount of noise she could have been able to hear. I did manage to finish reading most of Envoi Issue 157 before leaving the house, and was reading Horizon Review Issue 5 on my iPhone while taking the bus down the Parade. So I've read seven out of 11 magazines on the shortlist! My copies of Cake have arrived as well, so I'm tempted to get on with that tomorrow instead of revising for French. In all fairness, the amount of vocabulary I've absorbed after two terms is probably enough to see me through the whole two-hour examination!

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