Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Episode 974: Et Il Commence...

Have finished with revision for Shakespeare/Middleton, which basically involved consolidating my Post-its and sticking them into the books. It was useful in a way, helped to show which particular aspects of my chosen themes predominate in which plays, and I imagine it'll be handier tomorrow not having to flip through all the pages I've flagged in order to find an appropriate textual reference. Am now treating myself to the season finale of House and Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry's, before getting on with a bit of reading for EN236. From what I've read in reviews of it though, the series has jumped the shark, if it hadn't already done so before. Not to mention Lisa Edelstein isn't coming back for Season 8. That was quite a surprise. Whom are the writers going to turn to in order to generate sexual tension with House, now that Cameron and Cuddy are gone? Thirteen? Wilson? Random new character(s)? (Update: I've finished watching it now, and I can't imagine how they're going to open for Season 8 without creating continuity/logical issues, especially without Edelstein's character in the picture.)

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