Monday, May 16, 2011

Episode 966: Anticlimactic French Examination

I don't think I'll ever get tired of the Game Of Thrones theme music or how cool the animation of the opening credits is. This show has characters that make me so angry for and at them, it's pretty incredible. Plus there's so much scheming going on, even I'm at risk of getting lost trying to follow it all. If I didn't already have so many books to read, I'd definitely get stuck in George R. R. Martin's series. As it is, a book for review arrived today, and I'm hoping my editor doesn't want the review in till at least the end of the month. To be safe, I've e-mailed to check that I can take until then to deliver. Warwick Accommodation also got back to me on my peculiar application experience. According to them, I shouldn't have been able to pay without filling in the form, and they suggested logging back in and filling it out. No prizes for guessing how successful that was, and I've sent a polite e-mail back pointing this out. Let's see what happens nest. One thing's for sure though. The accommodation website is definitely one of the more confusingly designed of the university's pages! Incidentally, I thought the French paper today was pretty okay, even though I did make the mistake of saying 'une épée à double tranches' rather than 'une épée à double tranchant'! Ah well. It could have been worse, and now there's just the oral to get through a week from now. Would totally do a French module again at the Language Centre as part of my MA, if my department will pay for it, which is rare for postgraduates, I think. Definitely wouldn't pay to do it, not after three years of realising how the language modules I do invariably don't meet my actual needs. I'll save a few hundred pounds for a holiday, thank you very much. Might even use the money to get to Paris. Imagine how useful that would be, if I had to speak the language constantly.

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