Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Episode 981: More Poems Accepted!

Ordered some books from The Book Depository, thinking to take advantage of the spring promotional 10% discount, only to completely forget to enter the code while checking out. Could probably cancel the order and reorder again right now, but given my experience with trying to sort things out with The Book Depository when orders go wrong, I'm not going to risk it just to save a few pounds. At least the books were all Vintage Contemporaries/International editions, filling in gaps in my collection of books by Charles Baxter, A. S. Byatt and Mark Salzman, so I'd have bought them anyway, with or without the promotion. The Book Depository usually undercuts Amazon UK by 1p for books published in the UK, but why I've continued using it is because it's cheaper to get American editions through The Book Depository than getting them delivered from Amazon US. Otherwise, they'd have lost my custom ages ago, when they basically told me to suck it up after I tried to return an order to them to claim a refund and the books presumably went missing in the post. Calliope Nerve got back to me, by the way, and the editor took five out of six poems that I sent in this time. They're appearing daily in mid-July! Feels good, as Calliope Nerve was one of the first places to offer me publication when I started sending things out, and I've been trying to place more poems with them ever since. That makes eight poems that have been accepted in the space of less than a week!

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