Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Episode 982: In A Forest, Dark And Deep

Popped into London for the afternoon to catch Neil LaBute's In A Forest, Dark And Deep. Obligatory Oxfam visit, of course, although I only made it to the Marylebone branch, before I had to go pick up my ticket from the Vaudeville Theatre. Still, not a bad haul, including Mick Imlah's The Lost Leader and a couple of Shearsman collections. The play itself was fascinating, like LaBute's stuff generally is, although I can see why it's received some criticism for not exactly breaking new thematic ground. The corrosive sibling relationship was handled well by Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams, and it was great to see them playing characters so different from their respective TV shows (Lost and Dollhouse). I enjoyed the gradual revelation of Betty's secrets, as well as the unpleasant tension created by the juxtaposition of Bobby's politically incorrect statements and the refreshing candour with which he delivers them. Won't spoil the ending for people who might still have a chance to catch it before it ends its run, but suffice it to say that although to some extent, I spotted most of the reveals coming, it didn't make them any less chilling, especially in a play that peppered its first half with plenty of jokes. Headed back to Leamington for Roisin's birthday party, and wound up sitting next to another international student from church. I didn't recognise him, but he recognised me from a couple of weeks ago when I was on worship. Party was fun, first of many this month lined up.

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