Friday, June 24, 2011

Episode 1005: Graduation Ball

For £68, I must say the Graduation Ball wasn't quite worth the money. I'd hardly describe using Travel de Courcey coaches for transport as travelling in style, and for whatever reason, there were power cuts randomly throughout the night. Food was okay though, and the labyrinthine National Motorcycle Museum actually looks really nice on the inside, despite Lucy's unimpressed reaction when we first rocked up to the building. It was really warm in the basement floors though, and mobile reception was non-existent, which made it practically impossible to find people, except by chance and lots of wandering around. You might wonder why I even went to the ball, what with all my post-event grousing. Thing is though, I would never have gone if most of the close friends I've made at university over the past three years weren't also going to be there. I suppose the ball mattered less than the idea of one final rite of passage, shared with people who are important to me. I know, I know, sentimental bullshit, right? I'd rather be happy than stick rigidly to principles in a case like this though. Caught the coach back to Leamington with Laura, where we saw the whole bottom of the Parade cordoned off. Seemed like a pretty major accident had happened a while before we got back...

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