Monday, June 06, 2011

Episode 987: I Want A Direwolf

Went to church to do stuff for Kidz Klub, and I managed to finish reading Issue 5 of Horizon Review while getting a pile of newsletters into envelopes and labelling them with postal addresses. I thought that was pretty good multitasking! Meant to read both issues of Cake when I got home, but ended up having dinner and watching Game Of Thrones instead. I would really like a direwolf, thank you very much. Also finally started watching the Resident Evil franchise. Don't play the games, and almost certainly never will, but I like film adaptations of video games because they give me the bits that I'd enjoy, i.e. the storyline. Granted, Resident Evil and its sequels all seem like ludicrously messy affairs, in all senses of the adjective, but I've had lots of practice at suspending disbelief. By the way, I did hear back a couple of days ago from the editor of LITSNACK, to say my submission had gone up on the site here. A reader has commented that it reads like something out of CSI or Law & Order: SVU, which is actually spot-on. It would be the cold open sequence, and then after the opening credits, we'd jump to possibly the boy's dead body, with the CSIs snapping away with cameras and generally looking grim.

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