Friday, June 03, 2011

Episode 984: Money Should Whisper, Not Shout

Feel so accomplished. Finally had a good night's sleep after two consecutive nights of comparative deprivation, and then I managed to sort out transport arrangement for when my parents and I are in the UK for my graduation. Have also written my review of Ten Stories About Smoking and e-mailed it, with a few hours to spare before my deadline is technically past. I should stop cutting it so close. It's not like I even get an adrenaline rush or anything, putting things off this way. Had a pleasant surprise in the afternoon, by the way. Discovered I've been wired what is apparently my June allowance, although it seems like a lot of money for just one month. Didn't think the monthly rate for Warwick had gone that high. Not going to say exactly how much I got because money should whisper, not shout. (That is apparently an original formulation of what seems like sound advice for the nouveaux riches of this world. By original, I of course mean that put in quotation marks, it gets zero hits on Google. I'm going to shamelessly say that is pretty impressive.) In my case, whispering apparently takes the form of buying almost all the back issues of Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. Shipped all those that I bought via The Book Depository back to Singapore, but a couple from third-party sellers will arrive at my UK address. This is something I've been wanting to do for ages, and I could have afforded to even without the surprise allowance influx, thanks to my comparative financial prudence this year. It's just gratifying to watch your bank balance roll with the shopping punches, I guess?


Anonymous said...

so how loudly does your june money whisper?


Ian said...

Haha...not very. Cos I shipped all the stuff I bought with it back to SG.