Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode 1011: New External HDD!

Have sent off the NIE paperwork I was completing yesternight, which I couldn't have done if my mum hadn't randomly had a photocopied copy of my IC. (I somewhat foolishly packed that away with my ATM card into one of the boxes being shipped to me. At least I hope I did. If I've left the ATM card in storage, spending this summer is going to be largely on credit cards!) Am caught up with my various TV shows again, and have acquired a stack of library books too, this being standard holiday practice. Might actually read some of them this time, as a couple of them are plays, and a couple are anthologies of Singaporean literature that I think might be a good idea to browse through, seeing as I'm intending to do my Master's dissertation on the Merlion in Singaporean poetry. Will be at BooksActually tomorrow to take advantage of the 25% discount! Going to use the opportunity to pick up the Interlogue series from Ethos Books, which is the only series of academic writing on Singaporean literature and writers that I'm aware of. I've also bought myself a new external HDD. 3 TB this time, which I didn't know they even made yet, but I suppose once manufacturers started working with that first terabyte, there was no stopping them from going further. It's pretty handy though, and significantly increases the number of TV shows I can follow in the 2011/12 season. (By which, of course, what I really mean is that I can now afford to relax my standards.)

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hey ian, free to meet up anytime?