Friday, June 10, 2011

Episode 991: The Book Of Eli

Just got back from seeing The Book Of Eli at Jethro's place. As I understand it, critical reception was mixed when it came out last year, and I'm guessing this was partly because of the Christian content, even though that's not made explicit until about halfway through the movie. Even leaving that aside though, I still thought it was incredibly moving. It didn't necessarily have to be the King James Bible Eli was trying to preserve. Any other book, and I think my reaction to the revelation that he was blind would have been the same. Granted, having it be the Bible helps explain some of the more supernatural aspects of the plot, like how he pretty much evades injury right until the end, and even then, after he's been shot, doesn't die until after he's dictated the whole Bible to the curator at Alcatraz. I think that's something hard to find these days, that internalising of a book. Who would bother memorising anything in the digital age? I admittedly don't, and I still think it's a shame. Incidentally, somehow I don't recall getting the impression for whatever publicity I encountered for the film that this was what it was about? Otherwise, I definitely would have paid to see it in the cinema when it was screening. Definitely a bit heavy-handed in its treatment, but no more so than how the typical Hollywood blockbuster shoves the message down our throats that violence is cool.

Was out earlier in the afternoon as well, for Annie's surprise in Jephson Gardens. Close encounters with ducks, caterpillars, and all manner of insects. Fun times though, at least when the sun was out! We ducked into The Jug & Jester for a bit because it started to drizzle, and I think I've really developed a liking for the Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea that the Wetherspoon's chain does now. It's possibly the only way I've found I actually enjoy drinking vodka. Tried looking for sweet tea vodka in Tesco, and they either didn't have it or I just wasn't looking in the right place. As much as living on campus is going to be very convenient next year, and I've more or less convinced myself it is a better choice, I am going to miss Leamington and places like Jephson Gardens. I mean, I suppose it's basically like going to the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, except that isn't a stroll away from where I live. Sad times! Plus I can't imagine it being very easy to get a bunch of friends to just have a picnic in the middle of the week. No wonder they say student life is the best.

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