Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 993: Half A Magazine To Go...

Okay, so turns out this whole reading thing doesn't happen just because I say it will. I tried though. I'm blaming the lousy weather for my attack of apathy. That said, I did stay up until nearly 3 am, finishing the redraft. I'm not sure if it'll be good enough for Toh Hsien Min this time, but I will say it is definitely an improvement on the first version of the poem. Not sure if it is necessarily subtler, since the gardening metaphor kind of stretches across all three section of it now, but there are (hopefully) fewer clumsy moments like the ones he noted in his comments to me. Caught the U17 to Freya's, and it stopped nearer than I'd thought it would, so I had to walk less in the rain. Incidentally, you know that awkward moment when you realise you and a stranger are totally headed for the same destination? Yeah, that was me, within seconds of getting off the bus. I basically looked like I was stalking some guy, all the way to Freya's doorstep. In the rain, no less. Party was good, so shame on the people who didn't make it because of the rain! Wasn't planning on staying over in Coventry though, so I caught the U1 back with Aisling and Lizzie. Epic slog, making it from Freya's to the stop at Gibbet Hill, but we got there with five minutes to spare, so now I'm back home, trying to read the remainder of Cake Issue #2: The Carrot Cake Issue!

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