Saturday, June 04, 2011

Episode 985: X-Men: First Class

Did something I don't usually do, and went to see a blockbuster during its cinema run. To be fair, after I saw the trailer for X-Men: First Class a while ago, I did think to myself that this was a film that I wanted to see, and I don't remember feeling that way about the original film trilogy or X-Men Origins: Wolverine (not a Hugh Jackman fan). Loved the film, although I think whoever scripted it clearly wants the audience to like Magneto as a character, if not necessarily sympathise with his views. Then again, it's hard for Professor X's telepathic powers to look more impressive visually than all that manipulation of metal. (Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks Michael Fassbender in this film looks weirdly like Jon Hamm's long-lost twin?) Also, I now definitely want to catch the upcoming Green Lantern film, after seeing the trailer today in the cinema. We adjourned to The Benjamin Satchwell for a drink, where the bouncer accepted my ISIC, but the bartender inside refused to accept it as ID. Plain ridiculous! So I went home to get my passport and came back to join Ed's birthday bar crawl, although that essentially had one proper stop. We made a very brief stop at Saint Bar, more to pick up some people who'd moved on from the pub than anything else. It was my first time there, and I wasn't impressed by how small the place was, considering the thumping dance music it was playing. The night ended interestingly though, with another personal first: a meal at Millennium Balti (instead of the proposed trip to Kelsey's)!

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