Thursday, June 16, 2011

Episode 997: Second Birthday House Party In A Week

Went onto campus to do an experiment, but ended up doing the wrong one. I still got paid for it, of course, and it was partly the research assistant's fault for not being more specific beyond asking if I was here for the 3 pm slot. Bought a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water, thinking to mix it with that bottle of Bacardi Mojito mix that I'm taking forever to finish. It kind of works actually. Of course, it doesn't taste like a Mojito anymore, but blending the mix with lemonade as I usually do makes the drink taste too sharp. Equal proportions of all three though, as I experimented at the house party later, possibly even better. Wouldn't have gone if the rain hadn't let up long enough for me and Dan to get there, but we still wound up being among the first people to arrive at the party anyway, which was quite funny in a way. I think accepting Reece's offer of a second drink with Triple Sec in it wasn't the best of ideas though, as I felt mildly ill for a while. Was fine by the time we got home, but since it takes about half an hour to walk back home from south of the railway bridge anyway, it'd have been odd not to have been, I think.

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